Tupelo Blanks

The first in a series of roughed out tupelo blanks is now available for wildfowl carvers. Each rough-out includes a printed pattern to guide the carver in feather group placement and individual feather layout, eye and bill placement.

3/4 Size Adult Common Loon
or Juvenile Common Loon Blank

Official WCS Class Bird

This 3/4 size Common Loon designed by world champion Laurie J. McNeil, aka "LoonLady", measures just under 15" chest to tail, 7.5" wide, body stands 4" tall, with an overall height of 8" and 18" in length, with the head in a straight position.

This high quality tupelo blank is perfect for powercarving. It comes roughed out and sanded smooth, allowing the carver to get straight to the detail work. The head is left unattached allowing the carver to choose its position.

An excellent choice for carvers wishing to work on decorative feather carving, texturing and wood burning feathers, or for those wishing to practice their decorative smoothie painting without having to start from scratch.

Each blank comes with a printed pattern showing feather group layout, basic feather layout, bill and eye placement. May be used as 3/4 size adult or as juvenile. A 12mm Dark Red Glass eye is recommended for an adult, a 12mm Brown glass eye is recommended for a juvenile loon, glass eyes not included.

Price: $140 plus $20 shipping (US including Alaska & Hawaii)
(International shipping varies, pleas
e e-mail your postal code for shipping cost)






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